ONC releases Final rule: 2015 Edition Health Information Technology Certification Criteria, 2015 Edition Base Electronic Health Record Definition, and ONC Health IT Certification Program Modifications

It's time to delight your users!

The Usability People provide strategic User Experience (UX) design consultation to enhance your web site or mobile application.

By promoting and embracing the User-Centered Design approach, you can achieve a greater return on investment (ROI) for your development budget. Working with us, your team will provide a more satisfying online experience for your customers while at the same time significantly reduce training, support, documentation and development costs.

We also provide various evaluations of web and mobile interfaces--including formal usability studies, including those required for the §170.314(g)(3) Safety-enhanced Design portion of ONC Meaningful Use Certification.

The Usability People are way more than Web Designers, we have the experience, expert knowledge and a passion for usability and user experience that can enable and optimize your TeleHealth, EHR, or mobile/web app.

Usability Begins With You