The Usability People provide User Experience (UX) consultation and Usability testing services to clients in the US and across the globe.

We have helped “mom-and-pop” shops and internet start-ups, healthcare software (EHR) vendors, enterprise organizations, universities and government agencies.

We have more than 25 years of experience providing user experience consultation, usability testing and interface design services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

User Research

Understanding users is essential! User-centered Design starts with an understanding of users

Understanding your users is the fundamental first step in applying User-Centered Design. User research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

Knowing about your customers and how they experience your product or service will give us valuable insights necessary to create the innovative designs that matter!

Where will your product be used, and under what circumstances? What are the user's common goals and tasks, their needs and expectations? By observing your users, together we will get to know their habits, their wishes and the ways in which they interact with your product.

User Experience Design

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User Experience Design is the foundation of our research and design process, and enables us to uncover deep insights that can lead to the design of innovative and profitable products and services.

We will help your customers find the content they are looking for. Plus, we will help you effectively deliver the content you want your users to see.

Clearly labeling your content and maintaining an efficient navigation structure will minimize frustration and confusion. Using our expertise, we’ll create an intuitive structure and navigation flow for your site, app or service. After working with us, your users should be able to find their way to relevant information within just a few clicks.

EHR Usability Testing

Formal Usability studies have a huge ROI

Usability Testing – Safety-enhanced Design evaluation for EHRs – usually involves observing users while they perform tasks with a hardware or software system, such as a desktop application, website or mobile phone app. The product may be a paper sketch, a wireframe, a storyboard, a display mock-up, a product in development, a working prototype, or a completed product.

Summative evaluations are required for ONC 2015 Certification for Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems.

Usability Testing should be conducted with participants who are representative of the real or potential users of the system.

Safety-Enhanced Design Evaluation for Meaningful Use (ONC 2014 Edition Certification) and the 2015 Edition

Summative Usability testing for safety enhanced design (§170.314.g.3) involves recruiting targeted users as test participants (Doctors, Nurses, and other medical practitioners) and asking these users to complete a set of pre-defined tasks. An expert test facilitator conducts the testing via an established test protocol while the test sessions are recorded and later analyzed.