It was a pleasure to work with you, as you and your team made this process a more pleasant experience for our team and the participants.

I just want to tell you that I value people relations more than money. I remember how you were friendly and helpful not going against policies and contractual obligations at the same time, not using your power to make us feel stupid and small. It was a very rare and big experience for me. Really. I will always remember this.

The Usability People are all individuals that you can become friends with very easily. They have a lot of different interests and are a pleasure to work with. I was writing a PRD/MRD for a billing solution and worked with The Usability People in defining the user interface. They are receptive to ideas and are able to mold the user interface from an end-user's perspective. I really liked the idea of putting end-user photograph & short biography around the office to help understand the users

We thoroughly enjoyed working with The Usability People. You guys did such an amazing job of educating us all the way through the project from our first encounter to our last. It was a great experience, a great result and a great pleasure to work with your team.

Thank you very much.