Thought Leadership

The end user doesn't read the source code!

For way too many years we have used that phrase to explain to developers that it is important for them to try to understand their users. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

When it didn’t work, we tried to explain about users using most of the standard, and many of the non-standard techniques:

Lorem Ipsum or Content Strategy: Your Choice!

For years interface designers have been struggling with what sample text to use in many of the prototypes and wireframes that we present to clients. We know that our clients would likely become distracted by the readable content of a page when we want them to be looking at its layout, or navigational features. The point of using Lorem Ipsum text is that it looks like readable English text. It feels “normal” because it contains of a variety of letters, as opposed to using a single phrase such as 'Content here, content here’ over and over again.

How to write (and file) a usability bug

One of our founders once worked for an organization that created server software. They had very little interested in creating a usable interface. Following a few acquisitions, our founder was tasked with trying to unify the web-based administration consoles for the various aspects of the server.

QR Codes and a Mobile Optimized User Experience

QR codes have become very popular in print advertising because they can provide a direct link between the physical and virtual worlds. They can also significantly increase the conversion rate because they can deep link into very specific areas of your web presence that is most appropriate to that user.

Aim for the middle

We’ve designed a lot of user interfaces over the course of our careers, and one theme has been present across them all--a desire to create something that is easy to use for the novice user. Can mom use it, many clients have asked?

This approach may be great for a small company or for a simple website that perhaps users would only access once or twice. But what about mobile or web-based applications where the users do “their work” each day using the application?

Does Enterprise software have to be boring?

In the back of my mind I am thinking about the old apple commercial that talked about the differences between Mac’s and PC and that PC only came in beige.

(Ok so a quick search on YouTube found it: )

Why is enterprise software so beige? Or so boring?

Wikipedia states: “Enterprise software, is software used in organizations, such as in a business or government,as opposed to software used by individuals.”

Responsive and Seven Principles of Universal Design

Most of us in the UX field understand that novice users, expert users, or disabled users all need to have equal access to the information and applications that the Internet has to offer.