What happened to Apple's commitment to quality?

I just finished downloading and installing yet another update to the operating system on my Macbook.

People pay a premium price for Apple products and reasonably expect to receive a superior product. A MacBook pro costs $1,299. A comparable HP laptop (the EliteBook 745 ) starts at $749. A 9.7 inch iPad Pro (with 32GB of storage) costs $599, while a 9.7 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with 32GB is $499.

It seems as if in recent months, the quality of Apple software has gone seriously down. It seems like Apple is pushing out more and more of these dot release versions because their systems have become so buggy. The lack quality control no longer supports their premium price tag.

Apple has made a big push into the Health IT marketplace with the announcement of the Apple Healthkit. More and more physicians are moving towards mobile health and are buying iPads for their practice, and the Veteran’s Health Administration is using iPads for their family caregiver suite of apps. I’m really scared. I’m scared that this lack of quality control in Apple products might hurt someone.

Now that I am running 10.11.4, I hoped that everything will work as expected. But it seems like iTunes has a new glitch. I guess the 10.11.5 release will be on the way soon!