Summative Usability Evaluations for Safety-enhanced Design

EHR vendors are required to conduct and report on a summative usability evaluation of their system as part of the ONC Certification(s) for Safety-Enhanced Design (§170.315.g.3).

In a public comment on the certification process, The Drummond Group (one of the ONC ATCB's) stated that:

"...the usability test effort is not a small undertaking for EHR vendors. In fact, it was essentially one of the most difficult criteria to complete."

The required summative assessment cannot happen overnight, and it is important that your team allow enough time for required testing to be completed and presented to the proctor during your appointment with an ONC-ATCB.

We suggest at least 4-6 weeks in your submission timeline for the preparation, conducting, analyzing and reporting of a summative usability test for the ONC (§170.315.g.3) Safety-enhanced Design Certification.

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