What is Usability?

Usability - The effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction with which specified users achieve specified goals in particular environments (ISO 9241-11).

  • Effectiveness - The accuracy and completeness with which specified users can achieve specified goals in particular environments.
  • Efficiency - The resources expended in relation to the accuracy and completeness of goals achieved.
  • Satisfaction - The comfort and acceptability of the work system to its users and other people affected by its use.

The Usability People will improve your profitability. Consumers have become much more demanding about usability. Following our user-centered design process increases customer satisfaction, productivity, and leads to better customer trust and loyalty and more profit for your business.

We have a passion for creating innovative user experiences that are usable, useful and engaging.

We help your team understand the importance of usability and user experience no matter where your project is within the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

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