Card Sorting

Card Sorting is a technique to help structure and categorize your content.

The card sorting method is used to generate information about the associations and grouping of specific data items. Participants in a card sort are asked to organize individual, unsorted items into groups and may, depending on the technique, also provide labels for these groups.

Your website structure might make sense to you, but what about to your audience?

By asking possible users to sort, group and label your content in a way that makes sense to them will help us to create a meaningful and straightforward navigational structure for your website, application or online service.

Card sorting may be conducted as a low tech method using index cards or post-it notes, or may be automated using one of several software packages,

A clearly structured menu or sitemap will make your product or service easily accessible and attractive to use. Using the results of a card sort The Usability People can create a navigational structure that is both intuitive and straightforward to your audience using their logic and nomenclature.

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