Information Architecture

A great Information Architecture should provide a positive a user experience by presenting an appropriate information structure for web sites and web/mobile applications

We create information architectures by studying the site concept, strategy, and target audience; by envisioning the architectural scheme, the information structure and features, functionality, and ultimately the user-interface design.

We organize all of this information by translating our understanding of potential user behavior into a design that incorporates media structure and functional elements. Our documentation of these interactive experiences includes producing workflow diagrams, user scenarios, flowcharts, and storyboards that coordinate with business, technology, visual, structural, editorial, cognitive, and brand strategies.

Your users should find their way to relevant information within just a few clicks. Clearly labeling your content and maintaining a tidy navigation will minimize frustration and confusion.

The Usability People create an intuitive information structure and navigation flow for your site or service. We’ll help your customers find the content they’re looking for.

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