Remote Usability Testing

Remote usability testing allows you to conduct user research with participants in their natural environment

Remote usability tests can be “Moderated” in the same way you would for an in-person lab test or, “Un-moderated” where participants complete the tasks independently.

When does it makes sense to conduct remote usability testing?

  • When timelines might prevent in-person testing due to scheduling issues
  • When the target audience/participants are geographically dispersed
  • If the participants need to use a particular work machine due to software or security requirements

Moderated Remote Usability Testing

During moderated remote testing, we observe participants interact with your software as they complete the tasks developed specifically for the test. Moderated testing is best for complex tasks that do not have a structured sequence of steps or where more interaction and questioning will benefit testing.

Un-moderated Remote Usability Testing

During un-moderated remote testing, participants independently complete testing without an a test moderator. Un-moderated testing is most effective when you have very specific questions about how people use a user interface for relatively straightforward tasks.

Remote testing is one of the many tools that The Usability People use to help you gain information about your website or application.

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