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Open Positions at The Usability People

The Usability People are actively seeking talented experienced professionals to join our growing team.

Can you create user interface designs, prototypes and specifications across multiple platforms? Or can you design and conduct usability tests at various stages of development process, analyze results of tests and make thoughtful and actionable recommendations to improve design and function?

Do you have expert knowledge of relevant existing and emerging usability engineering processes, procedures, and tools in order to identify user audiences; assess user requirements, needs and satisfaction levels?

If you are passionate about user experience, have an degree in HCI (or a related field) , at least 4 years of experience working on web design, information architecture, visual design, and/or user and ethnographic research please send a copy of your recent resume and a link to your online portfolio, or some samples of your work, to:

We are seeking candidates for the following job titles:

  • Senior Information Architect
  • Usability Researcher
  • Content Strategist
  • Senior Program Manager
  • Front End Developer/Prototyper
  • Visual Designer

Do you have experience conducting and reporting Usability Evaluations using the NIST CIF format?

The Usability People are seeking UX professionals to assist with summative evaluations reported on the Customized Common Industry Format (CCIF) Template for EHR Usability Testing (NISTIR 7742).

We are also seeking several assistant/data loggers who are responsible for all aspects of data collection. The assistant/data logger must be an expert in usability, usability testing, and human factors; understand the space required and configurations required for usability testing; is familiar with the EHR test plans and procedures; and can learn how to operate the EHRUT.

Some travel required. Interested? Contact us @ Jobs@TheUsabilityPeople.com

The Usability People