Summative Usability Testing

Formal summative usability testing for ONC Meaningful Use stage 2
Formal summative usability testing for ONC Meaningful Use stage 2

Summative tests are usability evaluation of a complete or near-complete design under realistic conditions

Summative evaluations are used to determine if the design meets specific measurable performance and/or satisfaction goals, or to establish a usability benchmark or to make comparisons.

These usability tests are much more formal and detailed than many of the other evaluation techniques. The Usability People conduct and report on the usability of products using the NIST Common Industry Format (CIF) report protocol. This procedure follows a definition of usability most associated with ISO 9142-11.

The result of these tests include user performance data (including time on task, number of errors, assisted and unassisted task completion rates) as well as user preference data (usually measured using a standardized test instrument such as the SUS and/or and IBM CUSQ.)

Summative Usability Evaluations are required in order to qualify for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (and the 2015) certification. The Usability People have the experience and expertise to provide this report, along with a set of actionable feedback that you can deliver to your design and development team for implementation.

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